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AYASAT MEDIA company specialises in all aspects of film production, commercials, music videos and short films. Our dedicated team provides a wide range of production services, including attracting the best European and foreign specialists, choosing models for shooting, doing casting, providing technical support for filming in Europe and Asia. We also offer video editing, sound design, computer graphics and animation services
AYASAT MEDIA provides production services in India and the rest of Asia, in Russia and in the former-soviet countries, in Europe as well. We offer specialised services for implementation of the entire production and post-production processes for projects of any scale and budget.
AYASAT MEDIA is doing integration of brands in films, by using the product placement, cross-promo and merchandising, we are good as successful combines film production with advertising. The advertising unit of AYASAT MEDIA has been cooperating with the leading advertising agencies and brands for more than 13 years. Our works are known worldwide.

Our services include:
Pre-production and casting
Equipment rental
Set building and decorations
Selection of locations and managing
the permits
Selection and making of costumes
Post-production (computer graphics and animation, creation and selection of music)
In addition to our office in Mumbai, AYASAT MEDIA is represented in Moscow, engaging with local producers and developing a wide network of partners
We work on the most modern ARRI cinema equipment
Our Team
Vyacheslav Ross
Director | Writer
Levan Kapanadze
Alexander Molochnikov
Director | Writer
Roman Volkov
Director | Writer
Denis Panov
Daniil Dyachkov
Film editor
Mika Hamzyan
Boris Skobelev
Creative producer
Alexnder Ovchinnikov
Our new project
Feature film "Once Upon a Time in Bollywood: Dance or Fight"
Russia and India co-production project designed for the age group of people from 16 to 35 years. A comedy story about the fates of a Russian hustler and an Indian superstar who intertwine in a dizzying mix of adventure, love and dance.
750+ million target audience. Project will be shot in 3 languages
Project status
Feel free to write, call and visit us. We really love to communicate with clients!
+7 916 6486560
+7 916 5060214
Moscow, Mnevniki street 6, office 7
Ranwar, Bandra West, Mumbai, Maharashtra

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