The company "AYASAT MEDIA MUMBAI" and "LLC Partner Moscow" with the support of the Ministry of Culture of Russia and Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Government of India are preparing for the release of a feature film "2 + 1" Best Friends
The film is a family adventure comedy, coproduction between Russia and India with the support of the Russian Cinema Fund. The film was shot in 2018, there is already 110 minutes of material. The film was edited for the Russian market (resulting in a 90 minute version), was already accepted by the Cinema Fund, and was presented at a number of film festivals in 2019-2020. For India the film needs to be extended to 130 minutes in line with the preferences of the Indian audience.

Since the musical part is a vital factor for success among the Indian audience, there will be two dance scenes in the film (the first one is already shot). The protagonists are children of 9-11 years old, one Russian and two Indians. Since 2018 the child actors have gained popularity in social media in India and now each has a large fan base. The ending of the movie will feature the grown children in the current time chatting offline and online including through live HiPi broadcasts, an Indian analogue of TikTok, a hugely popular platform and a project of Zee 5 with at least 780 million viewers and 127 broadcast countries. Zee 5 would thus be interested in both promoting HiPI platform and acquiring rights to the film.

In order to complete the film, we have secured the participation of top director in India Remo D'souza and by extension huge Bollywood star Salman Khan (working with Remo D'souza) with a large fan base in India and abroad. Salman Khan is the highest earning actor in India, but for this international film he would agree to a percentage of the box office. According to the agreement between the two countries, Russia and India on joint audiovisual production, the film would be entitled for the certificate of national film in two countries resulting in tax benefits in two countries (the certificate in Russia is already received).
Thesis about the work on the film
1st stage product preparation for the Indian market.
The term is 75 days, the cost is 9 957 337 rubles, according to the estimated costs.
Translation of the film into 5 languages.
At this stage, work is underway to sign additional funding from the Government of India (according to the program) from 25 million rupees to 100 million rupees, depending on the state (according to the document of stimulation of filmmaking in India).
At this stage of production, we are starting to advertise and sell the product on OTT platforms and TV channels (100,000,000 people, the first news occasion is India - Russia)
2nd stage before shooting
Filming of top actors (Jackie Shroff, Tiger Shroff, Mithun Chakaraborty).
Filming under the India Sites Financing Program. Receiving non-refundable subsidies (see paragraph 1).
Final assembly.
Attracting an advertising product to a film for top actors (15,000,000 - 50,000,000 rupees)
3rd stage
Preparation of copies for film distribution (in accordance with clause 2) receiving an advance payment according to the copies produced)
PR news event with the involvement of the Ministries of India as well as the consular department of the Russian Federation in India.
Presentation show.
Receiving additional investments from independent parties (without reducing the investor's shares).
Fast returnable investment at any stage.
The investment return period is within one year.
PR campaign (production of two music clips of the main PR of the film before the release, social networks of celebrities, the total number of subscribers is from 100 million people).
Conclusion of contracts for the rental of a TV / OTT Platform film from 100,000,000,000 rupees
Signing contracts with a distributor for rental and advertising campaign.
Description and analysis of the rental market in India, Asia
Population of India 1.3 billion people
China and Asia 1.5 billion people
Gulf Countries Africa 500,000,000
CIS countries Russia 300,000,000 people
Number of screens India14,000
Ticket price 250 rupees
Minimum Settlement
4000 copies
4 sessions a day
30 days rental
20 people per session
250 rupees one ticket
Total total min fees rental 2 400 000 000 rubles
The remainder of the manufacturer's company 50% RUB 1,200,000,000 (rupees)
OTT platform (online cinema) ZEE STUDIO 100,000,000 rupees TV ZEE TV 50,000,000 right of the first and third screenings 25,000,000 rupees right of 2 and 4 screenings 10 years royalties for showing and selling to other platforms and TV (the amount is not calculated)
The total audience of our actors
is more than 100 million people
Remo D'souza

choreographer, actor, and film director.
Tiger Shroff

Atithi Bhooto Bhava 2021
Phone Bhoot

Sooryavanshi 2021

Riva Arora

  1. Rockstar
  2. Mom
  3. Haseena Parkar
  4. Mard Ko Dard Nahi Hota
  5. Uri: The Surgical Strike
  6. Bharat
  7. Gunjan Saxena: The Kargil Girl
  8. Little Princess and The Magic of Matunga (Upcoming)
  9. Kaali Khuhi (Upcoming movie on Netflix)

Salman Khan

2015 Ayal Njanalla
Mottu Malayalam 2018
Lakshmi Arnold Tamil

Film about the film
Our experience in India
Why Film in India?
Explore a vast eco-sphere of film making resources at competitive prices in the Indian subcontinent.
Among the oldest cultures in the world, India is a diverse mix of numerous languages, cuisines, identities, religion, art, ethnicity and geography
India has a large talent pool of actors, producers, directors, writers & experienced crew including competent line producers across the country

A diverse range of production and post - production facilities pan India with multiple well - equipped film production hubs.
India,with its ever growing appetite for films, offers a ready audience that loves watching their location in International films.
Opportunities Ayasat Media
Agreement between Russia and India on co-production
Simplifies a number of aspects:
- obtaining the status of "National Film",
- obtaining permits for filming,
- relaxes anti-cove restrictions on the site (depending on the state),
- obtaining an "F" visa for 1 year (multiplex),
- entry of the film crew to the territory of Russia / India,
- import and export of equipment and materials,

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Savings on currency conversion
We can offer:
- settlements in rubles with a legal entity in Russia,
- lack of currency control,
- minimization of taxation,
- simplification of signing and negotiating contracts and settlements,
- assistance in obtaining initial film ID,

No language barrier
We are ready to provide in India:
- Russian-speaking film crew,
- technical staff (illuminators, mechanics, focus pullers, cameras, grip),
- administrative staff,
- assistants for make-up, props, costumes,
- casting director,
- production designer ("Slumdog Millionaire")

Opportunity to receive subsidies and rebates
- the possibility of a rebate up to 70% from the Ministry of Culture in India,
- the possibility of receiving subsidies from the Ministry of Tourism of India up to 25 million rubles. (provided that the film is filmed in certain locations and shows the beauty of India).

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Infrastructure Ayasat Media
Over five years of experience in India, we have built the infrastructure for co-production and film production. We also have the trust and support of the Ministry of Culture of India and the Ministry of Television and Radio Broadcasting of India.
- involvement of actors from the Indian side of class A,
- the possibility of getting additional financing,
- advertising, PR and marketing, mass media, press - conferences, presentations in Asia,
- negotiations with leading channels and platforms,
- coverage and distribution in the Indian - Asian market
- film about the film, online preparation
Mika Hamzyan
General Producer of Ayasat Media
General work experience in the film industry for about 16 years He went from a simple worker on the set to a director of photography and producer of international projects

Cooperation with film companies:
Bazelevs Production, Universal Pictures (USA), Amedia, Etalon-film, Profit, Art Pictires studio, Kinofabrika, CTB, X-Filme, Pavel Lungin's Workshop, Real Dakota, Our Kino, Eurasia Film Production, Interfest, KVFilm-Production, Amber Studio, Yurhaus, Fox International Productions CIS, Bulldozerfilms, EGO Production, Importfilm, New Regency Pictures (USA), Rambler Media, IKaFilm, Bomar OOD (USA), Mirumir, TNT, Comedy Club Production, Park Production
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"Penalty battalion"
2009 - N.V.
Founder, producer, director of photography: production of music videos and commercials CAMERAMAN, 1st AC
Vyacheslav Ross
Director | Writer
Levan Kapanadze
Roman Volkov
Director | Writer
Denis Panov
Darya Lomakina
line producer
Mika Hamzyan
Boris Skobelev
Creative producer
Alexander Ovchinnikov

Daniel Gradsky
Nishchye Aksh
Executive Producer
Ashutosh Jha
Creative Director
Sanjay Sawant
Script Writer
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