Mika Hamzyan

General work experience
in the film industry for about 16 years
He went from a simple worker on the set to a director of photography and producer of international projects
Cooperation with film companies:
Bazelevs Production, Universal Pictures (USA), Amedia, Etalon-film, Profit, Art Pictires studio, Kinofabrika, CTB, X-Filme, Workshop of Pavel Lungin, Real Dakota, Our Kino, Eurasia Film Production, Interfest, KVFilm-Production, Amber Studio, Yurhaus, Fox International Productions CIS, Bulldozerfilms, EGO Production, Importfilm, New Regency Pictures (USA), Rambler Media, IKaFilm, Bomar OOD (USA), Mirumir, TNT, Comedy Club Production, Park Production

Serial film "Degan Az"
"The monk and the demon"
"Queen of Spades"
Short film "Hero"
Multi-part film "Forever like mountains" Co-production:
"Security" (Directorate of Cinema, Channel One)
Invisibles "
"Parallel Worlds"
"My Crazy Family"
"All inclusive, or All inclusive"
"Phantom" 3D

"Phantom" 3D
"Generation P"
"Moscow 2017"
"Our Russia. Eggs of Destiny "
"Black Lightning"
"Generation P"
"Moscow 2017"
"Our Russia. Eggs of Destiny "
"Black Lightning"
"The Irony of Fate. Continuation "
"Guilty without guilt"
"I'll give myself in good hands"
"Visiting a fairy tale"
"The night Watch"
"In the first circle"
"Wolfhound from the clan of gray dogs"
"Narrow bridge"
"Night seller"
"Shadow partner"
"Penalty battalion"
2009 - Н.В.
Founder, producer, director of photography: production of music videos and commercials CAMERAMAN, 1st AC
Why Ayasat Media
  • Agreement between Russia and India on co-production
    Agreement between Russia and India on co-production
    Simplifies a number of aspects:
    - obtaining the status of "National Film",
    - obtaining permits for filming,
    - relaxes anti-cove restrictions on the site (depending on the state),
    - obtaining an "F" visa for 1 year (multiplex),
    - entry of the film crew to the territory of Russia / India,
    - import and export of equipment and materials,

  • Savings on currency conversion

    We can offer:
    - settlements in rubles with a legal entity in Russia,
    - lack of currency control,
    - minimization of taxation,
    - simplification of signing and negotiating contracts and settlements,
    - assistance in obtaining UNF,

  • No language barrie
    No language barrier
    We are ready to provide in India:
    - Russian-speaking film crew,
    - technical staff (illuminators, mechanics, focus pullers, camemen, grip),
    - administrative staff,
    - assistants for make-up, props, costumes,
    - casting director,
    - production designer ("Slumdog Millionaire")

  • Opportunity to receive subsidies and rebates
    - the possibility of a rebate up to 70% from the Ministry of Culture in India,
    - the possibility of receiving subsidies from the Ministry of Tourism of India up to 25 million rubles. (provided that the film is filmed in certain locations and shows the beauty of India).
  • Infrastructure Ayasat Media

    Over five years of experience in India, we have built the infrastructure for co-production and film production. We also have the trust and support of the Ministry of Culture of India and the Ministry of Television and Radio Broadcasting of India.
    - involvement of actors from the Indian side of class A,
    - the possibility of getting additional financing,
    - advertising, PR and marketing, mass media, press - conferences, presentations in Asia,
    - negotiations with leading channels and platforms,
    - coverage and distribution in the Indian - Asian market
    - film about the film, online preparation
Experience in India
Best Freinds

Full meter
Production year 2019
Country Russia, India
Genre for children, adventure
Produced in collaboration with Chechenfilm
Once Upon a Time in Bolywood
Release date: 2022
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TV series - 12 episodes
Country Russia, India
Genre: Comedy, Adventure
In production

Tasmay Shree Gurave Namah
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Release date: 2021
Country: Russia, India
Genre: Drama, Adventure
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