Tasmay Shree Gurave Namah
This project is based on a Story of a Rebel school Teacher who strongly believes in values of ancient education system, "Gurukul" and its "Guru Shishya" tradition.

He is against the Private Coaching Classes which we all know somewhere destabilized and imbalanced the structure of this ancient Education system. To stop this he introduces "Gurukul Education Class" which guarantee maximum result in board exams and made it a grand success.

PRODUCE by Mika Hamzyan
WRITTEN by Sanjay Sawant


This will be a Marathi language movie with sub-title in Hindi / Marathi / English / Russian language. Total duration will be approximate 90 to 120 minutes as in future we are planning to show this movie in all schools across Maharashtra and / or India with minimum cost per student. We have entire script ready with scenes and dialogue
Proposed date of released on big screen on Sunday 5 th Sept 2021 (Teacher's Day)
The history of education began with teaching of traditional elements such as Indian religions, Indian mathematics, Indian logic at early Hindu and Buddhist centres of learning such as ancient Takshashila (in modern-day Pakistan) and Nalanda (in India) Before Christ.

Gurukul system was based on experiential learning and was practice based with subjects such as astronomy, medicine, philosophy, political science, economics, religion, yoga, physical education, and defence studies as its major components.

Education is the most empowering force in the world. It creates knowledge, builds confidence, and breaks down barriers to opportunity. For children, it is their key to open the door to a better life. All children deserve to receive the 'precious gift' of education.

On other hand Modern education system have less focus on student's skill development but focus on how to gain more marks. Reason why students are become Race Horses for their parents. Private Tuitions are adding more fuel to this mind-set. As a result, students have no option other than cramming things, rather than understanding.

Our education system should be more oriented towards all round development of a child giving them time and space to know their real talent. Parents should always encourage their child to go out and try out their natural skills instead of sending them to Private Coaching Classes, Tuitions.

Secondly 90% of the education is theoretical with minuscule scope for practical learning and research on the part of the pupils. A new Survey says, only 37% of information learned in school uses in practical life. If so what kind of extra knowledge Private Coaching Classes pour into students? Why they become key to success for every student?
Interestingly, nearly one fifth of students obtain private tuition from the same teacher who teaches in their school, despite this being banned.

And the symbol, voice of such common man is Vedanta Sir, who likes to swim against the flow also the main character of this story. According to him, education is not just a degree or a testimonial but a reflection of our behavior, language, attitude and personality with other creatures of the universe.
Anuj Nayak

(Lead Role – Vedant)

Vedant is teacher in school, who always fight against the private coaching classes culture which has a negative impact on our ancient education system of our country
Suparna Jha (Kasturi)

(Lead Role - Devyani)

Devyani is teacher in school, who always support Vedant's ideology and having a dream of her teacher father to have school in her native

Jackie Shroff

(Special appearance – Acharya Inamdar)

He is a founder of school

Narration of entire movie story will be done by him
Sameer Deshpande

(Pracharya – Vishwas Rao Patil)

He is principal of school who took over from Acharya and support Vedant's ideology

Aslam Wadkar

(Lead villain – Ghatpande)

Ghatpande is also teacher in school, who runs private coaching classes in the name other person and promote school students to join private classes

Milind Shinde

(Supporting villain – Murkute)

Murkute is teacher in school, who supports Ghatpande to fullfil his evil deeds

Vipul Deshpande

(Gangster - Chiku Katre)

Chiku Katre is well known gangster, who in future want to become a politician for social causes

Samarth Patil

(10th STD Student - Abhijit)

He follows the Gurukul methodology of education system of Vedant sir and tops in his school

Sanjay Sawant
Script Writer

He has a good more then 20 years of experience working in corporate world with MNC.
A true Dreamer, Entrepreneur & has Passion for writing
Ashutosh Jha
Creative Director
(Project Head)

He has more then 10 years of experience in Management role in corporate - MNC companies.
Like to travel, work out and charity work
Sveta Deliya
Head of Development
Mika Hamzyan

More then 17 years of experience in production and related work.
He started working as Director of Photography
Why Ayasat Media
Agreement between Russia and India on co-production
Agreement between Russia and India on co-production
Simplifies a number of aspects:
- obtaining the status of "National Film",
- obtaining permits for filming,
- relaxes anti-cove restrictions on the site (depending on the state),
- obtaining an "F" visa for 1 year (multiplex)
- entry of the film crew to the territory of Russia / India,
- import and export of equipment and materials
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Marketing & Advertisement
  • Marketing budget will be approx. 10 Lacs
  • Promotion will be done one month pre-launch on all major social media like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, etc..
  • At the same time we will also create videos of some real life scenario of middle class families and put them on you tube to create awareness amongst people
  • An registered NGO – Matrabhumi Seva Sanstha (MAA) will be involved, which will highlight a social connect
  • We will put small movie poster on major school and colleges of Maharashtra (With prior permission of Maharashtra govt.)

Commercial Value & Benefits
  • Key selling factor : This movie addresses the current burning topic of extracting huge amount of money by private coaching classes and it affects mainly to middle class and lower middle class population of India which is around 90%, so it will connect majority of audience & will have wide market range.
  • Theatre release :
  • Earning details from theater release :
  • screens 200 X shows per day 4
  • If audience 100 per shows & cost per ticket 150
  • One day earning = INR 1,20,00000/-
  • For week ( 7 days ) = INR 8,40,00000/-
  • All across Maharashtra / India, Only in Mumbai there are 75 single-screen theatres and 150 multiplex screens & across Maharashtra there are 470 screens. (source : www.indiatoday.in Aug 3, 2018)
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Commercial Value & Benefits
  • Government aid / grant : For movies made on social subject even government gives grant up to 30 - 40 Lacs along with 100% tax exemption & concession on shooting charges at various government owned sites/locations. (source : https://ffo.gov.in/uploads/ffo_publication/Filming_Incentives_in_India_.pdf)
  • Extra income :
    • We can approach to concerned authority to screen this movie in schools across Maharashtra (Total schools 1,06,527 & out of which private unaided schools are 22,477) (source : www.hindustantimes.com Mar 22, 2018)
    • Private schools :
    • No of schools = 22477 x 10 approx. of class/school x 50 approx. of students/ class. INR 50/- ticket. = Total 56,19,25000/- income
    • Government schools :
    • No of schools = 84050 x 10 approx. of class/school x 30 approx. of students/ class. INR 25/- ticket. = 63,03,75000/- income.
    • Total income = INR 119,23,00000/-
    • If we achieve 2% of total income it will be INR 2,38,46000/-
Based on the provided references, we suggest the city Panjim as a base location
Our experience in India
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Полный метр
Год производства 2019
Страна Россия, Индия
Жанр детский, приключения
Произведено совместно с "Чеченфильм"
Once Upon a Time in Bolywood
Дата релиза: 2022
Cериал - 12 серий
Страна Россия, Индия
Жанр: Комедия, Приключения
В производтве

Tasmay Shree Gurave Namah
Полный метр
Дата релиза: 2021
Страна: Россия, Индия
Жанр: Драма, Приключения
В производтве

Mika Hamzyan
General Producer of Ayasat Media
Общий опыт работы
в киноиндурии около 16-ти лет
Прошёл путь от простого рабочего на съемочной площадке до оператора-постановщика и продюсера международных проектов
General work experience
in the film industry for about 16 years
He went from a simple worker on the set to a director of photography and producer of international projects
Cooperation with film companies:
Bazelevs Production, Universal Pictures (USA), Amedia, Etalon-film, Profit, Art Pictires studio, Kinofabrika, CTB, X-Filme, Pavel Lungin's Workshop, Real Dakota, Our Kino, Eurasia Film Production, Interfest, KVFilm-Production, Amber Studio, Yurhaus, Fox International Productions CIS, Bulldozerfilms, EGO Production, Importfilm, New Regency Pictures (USA), Rambler Media, IKaFilm, Bomar OOD (USA), Mirumir, TNT, Comedy Club Production, Park Production
Serial film "Degan Az"
"The monk and the demon"
"Queen of Spades"
Short film "Hero"
Multi-part film "Forever like mountains" Co-production:
"Security" (Directorate of Cinema, Channel One)
"Parallel Worlds"
"My Crazy Family"
"All inclusive, or All inclusive"
"Phantom" 3D
"Generation P"
"Moscow 2017"
"Our Russia. Eggs of Destiny "
"Black Lightning"
"Phantom" 3D

"Generation P"
"Moscow 2017"
"Our Russia. Eggs of Destiny "
"Black Lightning"
"The Irony of Fate. Continuation "
"Guilty without guilt"
"I'll give myself in good hands"
"Visiting a fairy tale"
"The night Watch"
"In the first circle"
"Wolfhound from the clan of gray dogs"
"Narrow bridge"
"Night seller"
"Shadow partner"
"Penalty battalion"
2009 - N.V.
Founder, producer, director of photography: production of music videos and commercials CAMERAMAN, 1st AC
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