“A Spiritual and Scientific Journey to Harmony and Salvation”

Genre: Spiritual Enlightenment Sci-Fi

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Genre: Spiritual Enlightenment Sci-Fi
"Intersections" is a unique film that combines spiritual enlightenment, science fiction, and action elements. Our heroes journey through parallel worlds, using ancient knowledge and modern technology to find harmony and save the world.”
In a world where artificial intelligence (AI) has become an integral part of daily life, young programmer Alex and charismatic entrepreneur Aarya find their paths crossing after a challenging journey of self-identification. Alex is a talented developer struggling with depression and searching for his place in the world. Aarya is an inspiring leader seeking harmony between technology and spirituality.
Their encounter occurs at an international conference in Lumbini, Nepal—the birthplace of Buddha—dedicated to human-AI collaboration for the betterment of preserving and stabilizing the world, as well as personal development and self-knowledge. The conference gathers the greatest minds from around the globe, aiming to use AI for the common good.
Characters and Locations
Create a Unique Spiritual Instrument that Integrates the Body, Soul, Mind, and AI
Alex and Aarya embark on a joint project to create a unique spiritual instrument that integrates the body, soul, mind, and AI. Their goal is to demonstrate that new technologies can serve humanity, not replace it, but complement it. They work on innovative solutions in medicine, psychology, and culture, striving for harmony and balance.
However, their project attracts the attention of a mysterious cult seeking to use technology to transfer demons into human bodies. This group believes that AI can control and manipulate supernatural entities and sees Alex and Aarya developments as the key to their dark ambitions. .
Sketches of Characters and Locations
The Monks Teach Them Meditation, Martial Arts, and Methods to Protect Against Supernatural Entities.
Alex and Aarya face a series of fantastical challenges. Demons, using human bodies, begin to attack them, attempting to sabotage their work. The heroes must unite their efforts to not only protect their inventions but also prevent a global catastrophe.
In search of answers and assistance, Alex and Aarya travel to a remote datsan in the mountains of Nepal. There, they encounter real monks possessing ancient knowledge and practices that can aid them in their fight against the demons. The monks teach them meditation, martial arts, and methods to protect against supernatural entities.
Sketches of Characters and Locations
On their journey, they meet an international group of people of various ages and abilities who join their team.
During their training in the mountains, Alex and Mary discover ancient portals leading to parallel worlds. These worlds reflect different alternative realities, each presenting unique challenges and opportunities for the heroes. Passing through the portals, Alex and Mary confront alternate versions of themselves and the world, battling demons and striving to find the key to harmony and salvation.
On their journey, they meet an international group of people of various ages and abilities who join their team. The team includes:

Joh, a former military strategist from the Brazil, a bioengineer from Germany specializing in new medical technologies.

Rahul, a theoretical physicist from India studying the quantum mechanics of consciousness.

Lucie, a talented psychologist from Iran unique methods of working with the subconscious.

Chan Ji, a China martial arts master and philosopher knowledgeable in ancient secrets of defense and attack.

Aisha, a young girl from South Africa with a natural gift of intuition and foresight.

Each team member brings unique skills and knowledge, enabling them to work together towards a common goal. Their cooperation highlights the importance of cultural and technological interaction, showing that true strength lies in unity and mutual support.
Project Goals
The film “Intersections” will be predominantly produced in Nepal, utilizing local resources, talents, and locations. This scheme not only addresses the artistic and logistical challenges of the project but also significantly contributes to the socio-economic development of Nepal’s growing film industry.
  • Key Project Goals
    Maximize Local Resources: Fully utilize local talents and resources.
    Skill Development: Provide comprehensive training programs for local professionals.
    Economic Uplift: Create jobs and stimulate the local economy.
    Cultural Exchange: Promote knowledge and cultural exchange between international and local film professionals.
    Sustainable Growth: Establish a foundation for a thriving film industry in Nepal.
  • Key Components
    1.Comprehensive Training Programs:
    • Acting workshops, technical training, production management.
    2. Collaboration with Local Institutions:
    • Partnership with Nepalese film schools and cultural institutions.
    3. Economic and Social Impact:
    • Job creation, stimulating growth in related sectors.
    4. Sustainability and Legacy:
    • Establishing long-term infrastructure for film production in Nepal.
Part of the Income from the Film will be Transferred to the Funds for the Promotion of Cinema Culture and Spirituality of Nepal
Production Periods
Pre-production 9 months

Location Scouting and Approval: Identify and secure filming locations in Nepal.

Talent Recruitment: Identify and hire local actors, extras, and crew members.

Training Programs: Launch training initiatives for local talents.

Logistics Planning: Set up local production offices and coordinate logistics.

Key Goals:

• Ensure all necessary locations are ready for filming.

• Prepare local talents with the necessary skills.

Production 5 months
Production 5 months
Filming: Conduct the main filming of the movie in Nepal.
On-the-Job Training: Provide continuous training for local crew members.
Cultural Integration: Work closely with local monks and spiritual leaders to ensure authenticity.
Key Goals:
• Complete the main filming on schedule.
• Achieve high production standards using local talents and resources.
Post-production 5 months

Editing: Perform editing and post-production work, integrating local post-production talents.

Sound and Music: Collaborate with local musicians and sound engineers.

Key Goals:

• Deliver a polished final product.

• Showcase the capabilities of local talents in post-production.

Distribution 3 months
Premieres and Screenings: Organize local and international premieres.
Marketing Campaign: Develop a marketing strategy.
Film Festivals: Submit the film to international film festivals.
Key Goals:
• Achieve wide recognition and distribution of the film.
• Highlight the success of collaboration and educational aspects of the project.




  • Infrastructure
    Over 17 years of experience in film production in India
    Developed infrastructure and tools for conceptualisation, production and post-production of films
    We have the trust and support of the Indian Ministry of Culture and the Indian Ministry of Broadcasting.
    Ability to attract "A" and "B" category Indian actors
    Funding and additional financing opportunities
    Support in advertising, PR and marketing, media and press coverage, presentations in Asia and Europe, film festivals and events
    Assisting in negotiations with leading channels and Over the Top platforms
    Ensuring coverage and distribution in the India-Asia market
  • Promoting co-creation of content and co-operation between India and other countries
    The co-production agreement significantly simplifies the process of organising joint work, including obtaining 'national film' status and filming permits.
    The co-operation with Ayasat Media provides the opportunity to obtain an "F" visa for 1 year, entry of the film crew in India and Europe, as well as import and export of equipment and materials.
    The company also offers the opportunity of rebate up to 50 per cent from the Ministry of Tourism, India, as well as subsidies ranging from Rs. 10 million to Rs. 500 million from the Ministry of Commerce, India.
    The collaboration with NFDC and FFO provides a package of support in financial, production, realisation and promotion aspects.
    "India is a member of the ever evolving BRICS alliance. The BRICS + international alliance represents an expansion in the film industry, both in production and distribution of projects. Ayasat Media cooperates with the BRICS + Alliance in the film industry and various other areas."
  • Some of the possibilities of profit estimation:
    1. Distribution in cinemas: There are more than 14,000 screens in India, which allows you to expect box office receipts of $28,800,000. When you factor in a 50% royalty to the producer of the film, your profit will be $14,400,000.
    2. Selling the rights on streaming platforms: for example, on JIO and Disney Hotstar, you can expect to make a profit of $1,200,000 for the rights to the first and third screenings.
    3. Selling the film to other markets: look out for opportunities to sell the film to other markets such as Asia and Europe.
    4. Investment: Partnership with Ayasat Media may not only be profitable in itself, but it may also attract investment in your business. Pay attention to the possibility of attracting investors from India, as well as the possibility of selling the company's shares on the financial markets.
    Partnering with Ayasat Media can open up a wide range of opportunities for you to evaluate profits from various sources, including distribution in cinemas, selling rights on streaming platforms, selling the film to other markets and attracting investment. Grow your business with Ayasat Media.
  • Ability
    Ability to settle in different currencies with legal entities in different countries
    No currency control
    Minimisation of taxation
    Simplifying the process of signing and agreeing contracts and settlements
    Assistance in obtaining a rental licence
    Provision of information and support in the process of obtaining a rental licence and permits
Intercultural Group
Mika Hamzyan
Funder/ Producer/ Director/ Cinematographer
Boris Skobelev
Show Runner / Producer

Alexandr Privalov

Artist/ Producer/ Music Producer/ Sound Director

Andrey Nazimov
Actor/ Showrunner/ Director
Konstantin Moroshin
Development Director
Sajan Shrestha
Director / Producer

Daniel Gradsky
Showrunner/ Director
Levan Kapanadze
Ari Jayapraksh
Max Tokarev


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